The Story of Sue

Hi there, I know this isn’t usually how “About the Author” starts…. but I wanted this to be more personal than that!  My name is Sue Stark, and I am sure you are curious about me and who I am, and am happy to share a little about me with you.  I love being Mom; I have two incredible beings for sons that are now grown.  I live in Hudson’s Hope British Columbia, Canada with my husband Gord, and I love it here!!

I always knew that when my youngest son was done High School I would work with kids.  I worked in the school system as a speech assistant while my boys were growing up and also have tutored both grade school and high school.  It was the tutoring I did that made me realize I had a connection…and could get through to kids…especially teens. I loved telling stories to kids and teens about how fun it was growing up in a small town and going to a great school…so many of us can relate to that!!

I had a lot of profound experiences as a teen, as we all had, but I realized that my stories…especially the one I call “Being 12” …. (I cried the entire night before I turned 13!!) was making a real connection with the kids.

For about 15 years I have been sharing my story of “Being 12” with Grade 7 students just before their leap to Grade 8, with the hopes of getting them to really think about what it is they love right now about their life and why not take it with them… being a teen. Going into Grade 8 is a lot more than being cool and not wearing ski pants to school in the winter. In fact now-a-days this happens long before Grade 8. This influence over common sense and intuition is just part of what I talk to 12 year olds about.

That was where it all started for me – wanting to not just talk to teens but really – to give them some tools that they can actually use to help them develop their self image which is the key – to everything.  And I mean it – wherever we are in our life – whatever results we are getting in any area of our life – those results are in direct proportion to the image we hold of ourselves — whether we are 12 or 25 or 50.  The difference is that if we give kids the tools to form a successful image when they are 10, 11 or 12, they won’t be 40 with 30 years of self-defeating habits to change; not that it can’t be changed – it can – but it definitely takes more work.

So what did I do?  I decided that I wanted to make a real difference in other people’s lives, both teens and adults. I sourced out training that would enable to me to do just that. There is a lot of personal development material out there and I wanted to do more than just come in and say, “If you can believe it, you can achieve it!!!”; inspire the people for a couple of hours, then leave – It had to be more than that.

It is based on a simple diagram that I use all the time that helps explain how we think. Understanding how we think is the key to understanding how our self image is continually being formed.

You see, the problem is we are always trying to get kids/teens/adults to think about what they are doing – we are always saying, “think about it”…well I have found it is difficult for 12 year olds or any age for that matter to really think about anything – when they might not know “how to think for themselves.”

With my training and further understanding of how we think, I really knew that the intuitive poke I was getting to write a book about “Being 12” (whether you are 13, 15 or 18) could be even more!!! What that did – was lead me to turn up the volume on my intuition and develop a program that kids can really use. I have been teaching this “how to think” program in the school system and my book “Peer Pressure vs Me Pressure” is a by-product of that work.  I believe it all starts with understanding how to think – teach them that – help them to understand that and then we can give them tools to use to develop a strong self image.

I also believe that we teach our children what we know. If we have never been taught “how to think”, how could we possibly teach our children? Knowing this, I have also developed programs to teach adults how to think.

I have been working with students in the schools as well as coaching/mentoring teens and adults, speaking and workshops.

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