Below is an excerpt from the Book “Peer Pressure vs Me Pressure”

Peer Pressure Vs Me Pressure
Peer Pressure vs Me Pressure

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Chapter 1

Introduction to The Self Image and the One thing We Can Control

I matter

to myself and others

I am an incredible being

with infinite potential

Do you like that?  This is an affirmation I teach to every teen I meet for the first time, and now you know it too!

I matter to myself – that really is what matters most – but unfortunately it usually is what others say to us that seems to matter the most – which is fine if the “others” think you are incredible!

What matters most is what you think and say about yourself.

Unfortunately we can “say” all day long ….that we matter to our self, or that we are positive thinkers, or that we can do anything, or that we believe in our self.  We can SAY lots of things.  But there is a huge difference between saying and doing.

Saying is just that…talk! Doing is what we believe.  That is your Self Image.

I can say…I matter to myself…But if you don’t believe it you won’t do the things or even try the things that you say…matter to you.

If I said to you…Do you believe you could learn anything – do you believe you could become an Olympic Athlete or get an A in Science…you could be all fired up and say yes…I believe I can!  Then when the time comes to do what must be done to succeed…you don’t try something because you think you sucked last time or it feels too hard or people are watching or some other reason stops you.

Can you tell which part is the talking?  And which part is the doing?

One part is what you say you can do and the other is what you Believe you can do.

There is a HUGE difference.

The important thing for you to understand is what you BELIEVE YOU CAN DO…That is your SELF IMAGE.

You are going to learn all about your Self Image.  Your Self Image is inside of you, it is part of you and it is what steps up to face all the challenges we have in our life.

I am going to help you Believe that affirmation on the previous page…that you Matter and that you are INCREDIBLE AND CAN DO ANYTHING. You might not believe that right now. . . but…

This is where building a belief in yourself starts

This book is all about building that Strong inside Pressure, the Me Pressure, and that comes from understanding about your Self Image.

So what is the Self Image?

Your Self Image is Everything you Believe about yourself now. You could also say it is the picture you have of yourself, how you see yourself. ………………