Sue Stark A truly amazing lady who empowers others as she empowers herself

— in this wonderful book, you’ll get to know who you really are and of course

discover what you are truly capable of — prepare to be astounded and amazed

by YOURSELF! A pleasure and a privilege to call this lady my friend.

~Karen Murray, author of Live and Learn…then Live Again!


Love, Success, Happiness these are the beautiful concepts Sue Stark has

taught my children. Through Sue’s coaching & programs my three daughters

have learned how to be leaders of self & how to model leadership that creates a

life of possibilities & empowerment. My children have learned how to transform

competitive fears & school kids challenges into heartfelt praise, collaboration &

healthy relationships. Sue’s programs embrace youth development for healthy

living & for social responsibility which are key success ingredients in any child’s life

decisions. My children have learned to create clarity & confidence. Sue leads

from the heart uplifting children & families.

~ Kathy Martin-Goodhart RN, MSN,

Health & Wealth Coach & Proud Mother of 3 Amazing Daughters